In India as elsewhere, CMI designs, installs, upgrades and services equipment for energy, defence, steel industry and other  industry markets. Our aim is to improve, throughout the whole of its life-cycle, the economic and technical peformance of your industrial equipment. Across CMI, everything we do is aimed to reduce the environmental footprint of industrial processes.

CMI places at customer’s disposal its two-centuries-long experience, its unique combination of engineering expertise and maintenance along with the management of technical international projects, its vast geographic and technological scope, and its ability to innovate in accordance with the concrete needs of industries.

CMI FPE is the CMI’s Indian subsidiary supplying global solutions for Cold Rolling Mill complexes. It has developed a wide range of technologies in the field of processing lines, rolling mills, thermal and chemical processes. Based in Mumbai, CMI FPE unveiled on May 30th, 2012, the new layout of its Taloja (Maharashtra) facility. The expansion doubles the production capacities of this plant, henceforth known as CMI Center of Excellence for Cold Rolling Mills Manufacturing. With such a state-of-the-art infrastructure, CMI FPE is perfectly armed to meet the needs of the Iron and Steel industry. In addition to this, Indian subsidiary CMI Automation specializes in automation, PLC and HMI for steel equipment.

CMI Industry also offers industrialists multiple solutions for reducing their environmental footprint. Some of these solutions alter the way facilities function to reduce energy consumption or polluting emissions. Others are used to recover waste heat, treat or recycle polluting effluents or emissions or give value to industrial waste, while improving the quality and productivity of finished products.



On the Indian energy market, CMI Energy supplies, itself or via its licensee Larsen & Toubro, steam generators for use with gas turbines of all capacities. Its equipment generates steam for combined cycle (gas-steam or solar) and cogeneration power plants, and for process industries. For instance, it supplies six Heat Recovery Steam Generators to Reliance Power to equip its mega gas-steam complex for power generation (2500 MW) at Samalkot.
CMI is also active on the Indian defence market, to which it can supply multifunctional, high-power weapon systems for light and medium weight armoured vehicles. CMI Defence is the technical adviser and partner of Larsen & Toubro in the tender launched by the Indian government for its 2500 vehicles F-ICV military programme.

Familiar with the economic environment and the administrative regulations in India, CMI also provides services to project to industrialists willing to install facilities in India. CMI Industry is for instance currently supplying the tire manufacturer Michelin with a mixing unit for a rubber production line.
On top of this, as it already does in Europe and in Brazil, CMI stands ready to offer its maintenance services to numerous industries based in India, such as steelmakers, power generators, mine operators, offshore wind turbine operators, etc.




CMI, your industrial partner in India!




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