The competitiveness clusters

Five competitiveness clusters were officially launched in July 2006 as part of the Wallonia region’s economic and social redeployment plan, known as the "Marshall Plan" for Wallonia. They have strong potential and the critical mass of academic and industrial actors necessary to emerge as an international force.principle of the competitiveness cluster is to bring together the entire research combining innovation and the education chain so that they can work together around joint projects geared to launch Wallonia’s know-how internationally.five initial targeted areas were: Health (Biowin), Aerospace (Skywin), Agri-Food (Wagralim), Logistics (Logistics in Wallonia) and Mechanical Engineering (Mecatech). A sixth cluster has recently been approved: Greenwin,the Competitiveness cluster of green chemistry and sustainable materials, including their applications in low-energy buildings.

For more details about these clusters, we invite you to visit their website.

BioWin SkyWin Wagralim
Logistics in Wallonia Mecatech Greenwin