India Welcome office


State-of-the art, well located and free-of-cost, the new India Welcome Office at Liège offers your business the perfect opportunity to experience the advantages of setting up operations in Belgium, first hand!







Since March 2010, AWEX offers Indian companies a unique opportunity to test the European market through the “India Welcome office”, a business incubator providing soft landing incubation services to Indian investors, absolutely FREE of charge, for up to 6 months.

Conveniently located in Liege, the economic power house of the Region, right between Paris and Brussels, the business centre is fully equipped with state of the art telecom services such as internet access, optic fibres, ADSL/SDSL, videoconference and so on. Brand new offices and many personalized services are available free of charge – excluding telecommunications costs – to Indian companies who can devote themselves exclusively, at very low cost, to the launch of their business.

The personalized service package includes:

  • the permanent presence of a multilingual expert, including a person of Indian origin,
  • assistance in understanding the language and culture,
  • advice with practical and logistical matter (visas, travel permits, accreditation, legal issues, everyday issues),
  • administrative assistance with initial prospection in the European market (e.g. market studies),
  • networking with leading European professionals in your industry,
  • Support of the Awex offices in Europe (more than 50 offices in the capitals and major European cities).


For more details about the India Welcome Office, please download our brochure (Low Resolution 1.7 Mb).

This brochure in higher resolution (17 Mb) can be downloaded from here.