TPF Group

Headquartered in Belgium, the TPF Group started in 1991 with interests primarily in energy. Today, TPF has a formidable reputation as a multidisciplinary engineering, architecture, and project management consultancy with a presence in 17 countries, including India. In 2011, TPF employed 2000 people and had a turnover of Euro 120 million, which corresponds to approximately 850 crores Rupees.

An exclusively European company in the ‘90s, TPF decided to go global in 2005 with a strategy of focusing on growing markets through setting up branches and representative offices or by acquiring strategic companies to benefit from their specific know-how and local presence. India was a target for expansion owing to its democratic government, fluency in English, economic progress and growth in infrastructure and is now TPF’s second largest subsidiary market after Brazil and followed by France and Belgium.

In 2006, TPF acquired a majority stake in S.N. Bhobe and Associates Pvt. Ltd., headquartered in Mumbai, allowing the Indian company to offer engineering & consulting services with a global perspective.

At the end of 2011, TPF completed the acquisition of two sister companies in Kolkata: C.E. Testing Company Pvt. Ltd.  and Survtech Pvt. Ltd.

Thanks to those additional acquisitions, TPF targets 100 crores Indian rupee as Indian turnover with 1,000 employees by the end of Indian fiscal year 2013-14.

TPF is active in the field of airports, buildings, hospitals, bridges, flyovers, roads, viaducts, motorways, expressways, tunnels, energy efficiency, renewable energies, industrial plants, water & waste water plants, utilities etc ... the clients include not only domestic and international private sector companies but also public sector entities in addition to a large number of government developments.


Among the latest projected awarded to TPFs Indian sub subsidiaries, we can mention the execution of the Bangalore metro stations, a large architectural projects like the Rajasthan Bhavan and the 400 km+ detailed project report (DPR) for highways for the Maharashtra government.


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