Zinacor S.A / Grillo-Werke AG


World leader in the zinc and zinc alloy wire production and commercialization for the metallization process ( www.zinacor.com / www.grillo.de ).


In INDIA and worldwide Zinacor / Grillo sells its wires for the protection of the ductile iron pipes conveying drinking and sewage water.

The metallization by means of zinc spraying has a long record of unequalled performance. This technique consists in spraying molten zinc (or zinc alloy) wire on to a determined surface by using a flame or electric gun.

Other applications are:

-  Gas bottles and gas tanks

-  All metallic structures for work of art, agricultural equipments, vehicles, grids, portals, …

-  The metallization can be carried out in workshop or on site (for ex. : bridge)

-  Capacitors: The zinc coating applied on both edges of the capacitor (for electrical or electronical use) ensures the electrical contact

   between the different turns of the polypropylene film inside the capacitor.




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